Translation Services

WAPS for Consultancy helps business owners address their own target audience in their own language; we offer various translation services that each business needs. Our translators give special attention to the localization and cultural adaptation that the clients require to convey their marketing messages directly to the customer through a website, brochures, or promotional materials. In the meantime, our customers ensure the high quality and the complete accuracy of the legal translation that WAPS for Consultancy provides; our senior lawyers supervise the work and check the accurate usage of specialized terminology and legal jargon.

We study the requirements of each project hoping to meet the expectations of the client, and in order to achieve that goal, WAPS for Consultancy adopts a professional approach regarding each translation project that can be summarized as follows:

    • Agree with the client on the time frame of the project and any other special requirements.
    • Assign the work to one of our team members, taking into consideration the specialization, the complexity of the document, and the timely delivery.
    • Review and edit the translated documents to ensure the soundness and consistency of the translated document with the original source.
    • Format the translated documents maintaining the consistency of the layout of the target document with the original source.